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Lessons of Life

In this, all the teachers at Utkal Gaurav prepare an inspiring story from the lives and teachings of famous personalities from across the globe. This instils a value system focused on all the good qualities of punctuality, discipline, cleanliness, grit, determination, self-confidence, devotion and many more which have propelled people to achieve global fame and fulfill their dreams.


Computer Skills

In the modern world, people who are not trained in computer skills are considered illiterate. At Utkal Gaurav, we aim to conquer this digital divide by teaching basic computer skills to underprivileged children and women. This has helped many youths in the village get livelihood and become the first earning member in their families .



Dance is the purest form of art by which one can express the totality of his/her being in a creative way. We not only encourage the kids to pursue and dream a career in whatever art form they like but also groom and coach them to maximise their potentials under highly trained professionals.

Music Classes of Childrens


“Initially there was the Sound. Sound was with God. Sound is God”


That sound is Om/Amin/Amen. When we connect with that sound, we connect with our heavenly father. At Utkal Gaurav, we try to train the young minds to the divine tune, to help them understand and absorb the meanings of devotional chants and repeat it multiple times till they get joy in their hearts. And that joy is the answer to every prayer. At Utkal Gaurav, we have provided the kids with all the western and eastern classical instruments and have trained teachers to help the kids reach their true potential in the music of their choice and become one with god.



There is a state of the art multilingual library at Utkal Gaurav with publications in English, Hindi and Odia language currently. Inspiring stories from the life and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda is a must read for the kids in our library so that they get exposed to the fountain of wisdom full of futuristic and global ideas. Every kid is encouraged to develop reading habits and spend at least 1 hour in the library under the guidance of english teachers.


Personality Development & Communication

English is a truly global language and no kid should be left behind due to a lack of spoken english experience. We have arranged for english teachers so that the kids are exposed to english at a very early stage. The entire curriculum and mode of interaction in the school is in English and we have witnessed some really encouraging outcomes with kids giving presentations in fluent english and gaining in confidence on a daily basis. We are now determined to stimulate people from all the age groups in the village to learn the basics of computer skills and english.

Students are playing


Indoor and outdoor sports activities are encouraged to develop key life skills like giving, loving, forgiving, trust and team bonding. These interpersonal skills are key to excel in life and sports is a great medium to inculcate this. We also aim to give world class opportunities and exposure to our kids so that some of them can pursue sports in future and make our country proud. We have dedicated coaches in all the major international sports disciplines.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

From the very beginning, kids are trained in Kriya Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama so that they have the right posture and correct breathing techniques to expedite their senses and mind leading to concentration and discipline.



We emphasize on moral and spiritual values along with a strict and playful academic curriculum inspired from the best schooling systems from across the globe. The curriculum includes agricultural, industrial, commercial and academic subjects. Following the educational ideals of the rishis, the students are also taught yoga and meditation and a unique system of health and physical development. Apart from this we also encourage outdoor teachings and provide the best of facilities in music, dance, painting, sports and theater so that the kids can follow their dreams.