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Guruji on generosity

Heavenly father, inspirit us with generosity. Thy Being is an outpouring of bounty; let us, too, know the joy of giving.

Teach us to spend for others’ necessities as naturally as for our own. Since we shudder at even the thought of destitution for ourselves, may we sympathetically help those who in actuality know the pangs of want.

Let us realize that to die rich, without having shared our treasures, is to die poor in Thine eyes; and to die poor because of liberality is to die rich with Thy blessings.

Men selfishly blinded by opulence must experience poverty in this or a future earth-life, because in the abodes of the world-abandoned they saw Thee not.

In all experiences of Thy children it is Thine omnipresent consciousness that enjoys and suffers.Thou didst bestow riches on Thyself (in the forms of the wealthy) as an intricate human test to see how charitable Thou wouldst be to Thyself (in the forms of the needy).

The largehearted man, receiving from Thee loving largess and freely bestowing it on others, expands into the Universal self.

Accepting daily Thine endless gifts, may we praise Thee and thank Thee, O Giver of All!


Excerpts from Guruji's poem "My India"

India taught me to love The soul of deathless beauty in the dewdrop or the bubble, Not their fragile frames. Her sages taught me to find my Self Buried beneath the ash heaps Of incarnations and ignorance. Through many a land Of power, plenty, and science, My soul, garbed as an Oriental Or an Occidental, traveled far and wide, Seeking Itself: At last in India to find Itself. Hail, mother of religions, lotus, scenic beauty, and sages! Thy wide doors are open, Welcoming God’s true sons through all ages, Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves and men dream God. I am hallowed; my body touched that sod!

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Guruji on prosperity

Those who seek prosperity for themselves alone are in the end bound to become poor, or to suffer from mental inharmony; but those who consider the whole world as their home, and who really care and work for group or world prosperity, activate astral forces that lead them ultimately to the place where they can find the individual prosperity that is legitimately theirs. This is a sure and secret law.


Guruji on living fearlessly

Whatever it is that you fear, take your mind away from it and leave it to God. Have faith in Him. Much suffering is due simply to worry. Why suffer now when the malady has not yet come? Since most of our ills come through fear, if you give up fear you will be free at once. The healing will be instant. Every night, before you sleep, affirm: “The Heavenly Father is with me; I am protected.” Mentally surround yourself with Spirit and His cosmic energy….Chant “Aum” three times, or the word “God.” That will shield you. You will feel His wonderful protection. Be fearless!

Whenever you feel afraid, put your hand over your heart, next to the skin; rub from left to right, and say, “Father, I am free. Tune out this fear from my heart-radio.” Just as you tune out static on an ordinary radio, so if you continuously rub the heart from left to right, and continuously concentrate on the thought that you want to tune out fear from your heart, it will go; and the joy of God will be perceived.


Guruji on the power of mind

God has given us one tremendous instrument of protection — more powerful than machine guns, electricity, poison gas, or any medic — the mind. It is the mind that must be strengthened....An important part of the adventure of life is to get hold of the mind, and to keep that controlled mind constantly attuned to the Lord. This is the secret of a happy, successful existence. It comes by exercising mind power and by attuning the mind to God through meditation.The easiest way to overcome disease, disappointments, and disasters is to be in constant attunement with God.


Guruji on happiness

Many people may doubt that finding God is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn’t you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself.

True happiness, lasting happiness, lies only in God, “having whom no other gain is greater.” In Him is the only safety, the only shelter, the only escape from all our fears. You have no other security in the world, no other freedom. The only true freedom lies in God. So strive deeply to contact him in meditation, morning and night, as well as throughout the day in all the work and duties you perform. Yoga teaches that where God is, there is no fear, no sorrow. The successful yogi can stand unshaken amid the crash of breaking worlds; he is secure in the realization: “Lord, where I am, there Thou must come.”


Guruji on unity

Let us pray in our hearts for a League of Souls and a United World. Though we may seem divided by race, creed, color, class, and political prejudices, still, as children of the one God we are able in our souls to feel brotherhood and world unity. May we work for the creation of a United World in which every nation will be a useful part, guided by God through man’s enlightened conscience. In our hearts we can all learn to be free from hate and selfishness. Let us pray for harmony among the nations, that they march hand in hand through the gate of a fair new civilization.


Guruji on Service to others

Happiness lies in making others happy, in forsaking self-interest to bring joy to others.

Giving happiness to others is tremendously important to our own happiness, and a most satisfying experience.

To live for self is the source of all misery.


In being of spiritual, mental, and material services to others, you will find your own needs fulfilled. As you forget self in service to others, you will find that, without seeking it, your own cup of happiness will be full.


When you came into this world, you cried and everyone else smiled. You should so live your life that when you leave, everyone else will cry, but you will be smiling.


The deeper you meditate and the more willingly you serve, the happier you will be.


Delivered at the Biltmore Hotel on March 7, 1952

Your Excellency, our Ambassador, illustrious and understanding Ambassador of free India; Madame Sen; gracious Consul General of India Mr. Ahuja; and Dr. Sharma and Dr. Saund, who have brought such harmony and understanding among the people of India, Pakistan, and America; and all honoured guests present here from all nations, all guests present here from my India, my America, and my world. I bow to the God in you.
I am not here in an advisory capacity. So I will relate a few snatches of my experiences. I remember my meeting with Mahatma Gandhi. The great prophet brought a practical method for peace to the warring modern world. Gandhi, who for the first time applied Christ principles to politics and who won freedom for India, gave an example that should be followed by all nations to solve their troubles. Read More